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Small hall

(Izlaiduma gads)
Latvia, 2014
Runtime: 109 min.
Director: Andris Gauja
Cast: Inga Alsiņa, Mārcis Klatenbergs, Ieva Apine, Liene Smukste

Lielais Kristaps – 2014 nomination: Best debut feature film, best lead actress (Inga Alsina), best supporting actress (Liene Smukste).

A new teacher, Zane (Inga Alsiņa-Lasmane) tries to befriend the class she is mentoring, but she goes too far -- at Zane's parties and on her field trips, the border between the teacher and the students begins to blur and dissolve. When one of her students falls in love with her, Zane find herself in a tangled web of personal conflicts.

Language: Latvian
Subtitles: English


Age restriction 16+


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