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Small hall

(Džimlai rūdi rallallā!)
Latvia, 2014
Runtime: 106 min.
Director: Māris Putniņš, Jānis Cimmermanis
Cast: Ģirts Jakovļevs, Jakovs Rafalsons. Aina karale, Aivars Kalnarājs, Velta Skurstene, Jakovs Rafalsons, Olga Dreģe, Ziedonis Ločmelis, Mārtiņš Egliens, Uldis Norenbergs

Lielais Kristaps – 2014 nomination: Best lead actor (Girts Jakovlevs), best supporting actor (Ziedonis Lochmelis, Uldis Norenbergs), best feature film cinematography, best sound.

The elderly nursing home residents for years feel worthless and troublesome. But they want to be useful and experience something uncommon at the end of their lives. As unusual idea strikes their mind - to waive their pensions and enroll in the army as volunteers thus saving the country from financial crisis and spending excitingly the last years of their lives. The oldies are wise enough at organizing this event and adventures begin. The culmination of it all is the participation of the old people's army unit in NATO joint maneuvers.

Language: Latvian
Subtitles: English

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