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Artdocfest is an international festival of original documentary films. Artdocfest presents the brightest non-format documentaries of all genres. 

ARTDOCFEST - "Home" Screening 05.10.2022. at 19:00. 


Country: Israel, Russia
Year: 2022 
Film studios: Dmitrii Vasiukov IE 
Director: Dmitry Vasyukov 
Author of the script: Alexey Poyarkov 
Cinematographer: Yuriy Orlov 
Producer: Andrejs Novickis 
Composer: Alexander Sokolov 
Length: 152 min 
Language: Russian, English 
Subtitles: Russian


Home is the story of four generations of a family of Russian Americans, descendants of the Golitsyns, a distinguished princely family. After fleeing Russia, they made their way to France, and from there to the United States. For more than two decades now they have lived in Alaska. This former Russian territory in some mysterious way provides a link if not to their native country, then to their Fatherland, which none of them has ever seen.

In its wanderings this large family has not preserved material treasures, but rather their nobility and dignity—the foundation upon with their Home was built.



For adults: 8.50 EUR. For pupils, students, seniors, members of the "Splendid Palace" Film Academy, persons with disabilities (groups 1, 2 and 3), Ukrainian civilians - 6.50 EUR*

*Please present valid certificates ("Splendid Palace" Cinema Academy Membership cards, senior certificate, disability certificate, ISIC, etc.)



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