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1. Filling out this application form does not guarantee a date reservation. The project manager of the event centre will contact you after receiving the application form. 2. If the Customer has outstanding commitments to „Rīgas nami” Ltd at the time of the submission of this application, the reservation of the premises will only be made after a full settlement of indebtedness. 3. If a lease of premises is not concluded within 6 (six) weeks from the receipt of this application form, „Rīgas nami” Ltd has the rights to cancel the reservation without warning. 4. This application form does not grant the Customer the rights to commence ticket sale – only after concluding a lease agreement with „Rīgas nami” Ltd, the Customer is entitled to commence ticket sale. 5. In case of concluding the lease agreement, the Customer undertakes to conclude an insurance contract regarding the Customer’s civil liability insurance if the planned Event, in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Latvia, is to be recognised as a public event. 6. With this signature, the Customer confirms that he is familiar and agrees with the reservation conditions, as well as the use of the data specified in this application for the preparation of the lease agreement and performance of liabilities. 7. Please specify the necessary information regarding the receiving of news, information on offers and other commercial communications from „Rīgas nami” Ltd to the e-mail address specified in this application. I agree to receive news, information and other commercial communications.