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  • In 1923, Vasily Yemeljanov handed a project to the architect Friedrich Karlis Skujins and the cinema Splendid Palace was built. The most luxurious cinema in the Baltics opened up with the American film Under Two Flags directed by Todd Browning. 




  • Silent cinema is replaced by sound cinema. The first sound film in Baltics was shown at Splendid Palace in 1929. It was Lloyd Bacon's film The Singing Fool




  • The biggest event in Latvian cinema, and possibly also for Splendid Palace was the premiere of Fisherman’s Son on January 22, 1940, as well as its triumphal running over several months. 




  • In 1952, during the period of the Soviet Union, Splendid Palace was renamed to Cinema Riga and former military personnel of the Soviet Army took over the management of the cinema. In the 1950s, the cinema was awarded the All-Union Award as the most beautiful cinema in the Soviet Union. 




  • In 1969, the cinema Spartak was built right next to the Splendid Palace, thus destroying the cinema’s gate pillars. 

  • In 1967, architects Edvins Vecumnieks and Elmars Salgus , as well as artist Einars Pluksne opened the cafe Riga which had an unprecedented interior design and gained enormous popularity among the residents of Riga. 




  • In 1976, the first reconstruction was carried out in the cinema. In Soviet times, it was very rare for buildings that were not built in Soviet times to get funding, but Splendid Palace was an exception because it hosted All-Union Film Festival. 




  • After a long period of pressure from the Soviet Union, Splendid Palace could finally breathe and was reborn as a unique cultural center where active artistic life resumed. 




  • In 1998, the cinema Spartaks was rebuilt. A door in the wall of the cinema hall was created thus connecting to the cinema Splendid Palace (at that time Cinema Riga), and the new cinema hall was renamed Mazā zāle (The Small Hall). 

  • In 1994, the cinema was admitted to the film theatre network Europa Cinemas




  • In 2006, the cinema underwent profound reconstruction, which continued until 2010. The cinema was modernized to meet the requirements of that time while preserving the historical authenticity of the cinema. 




  • On September 15, 2011, the former name of the cinema Splendid Palace was restored. 




  • Splendid Palace receives the prestigious Europa Cinemas award in the Best Programming 2021 category. 

  • In 2023, the cinema Splendid Palace celebrates its 100th anniversary.