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Splendid Palace resumes the film season with La Dolce Vita by Federico Fellini


As of 4 September 2020, the Splendid Palace cinema will resume both regular screenings and exclusive screenings of refurbished classics. In September they will commemorate the centenary celebration of Federico Fellini. 

The Federico Fellini centenary celebration, which began at the beginning of the year around the world, has been slightly affected by the pandemic's restrictions, but things are slowly recovering! Exhibitions dedicated to the many talents of Federico Fellini are held in the best museums around the world. And in honour of the artist's centenary, his legendary films are being restored and the viewers of all generations can enjoy them on big screen. In September, Splendid Palace invites its devoted viewers and lovers of classic cinema to meet with perhaps the most scandalous and colourful film La Dolce Vita (1961), which brought the director worldwide fame and awards - the Golden Bough in Cannes and two Oscars. Splendid Palace will show La Dolce Vita on September 9. Other screenings of films dedicated to the centenary of Federico Fellini will be announced separately.


La Dolce Vita is a film in which Fellini changed his handwriting, abandoning harsh, reality-based stories and forcing his heroes - sexy, beautiful people - to make mistakes in the streets and squares of the eternal city of Rome, seeking and losing themselves. The main character of the film is journalist Marcello - bohemian, lover of women, close to the highest circles of intellectuals and politicians. He is a participant and observer of the "sweet" life in Rome. This film marked the beginning of Federico Fellini's collaboration with actor Marcello Mastroianni, which was followed by several other outstanding joint movies.


On September 4, the Splendid Palace cinema will start screenings of contemporary auteur cinema directed by Roy Andersson - the joint Norwegian-French film About Endlessness (Om det oändliga), laureate of the Venice Film Festival. The director, recklessly and without didactics, observes the everyday life of people, showing 32 small pictorial stories, balancing on the border of the comic and the tragic. The main characters of the film are a disillusioned clergyman, a father and daughter, soaked in the rain, a defeated army going to a war prisoner camp. But a couple of people fly over the city like birds ... 


There are only a few sessions of the documentary Banksy and the Rise of Outlaw Art and documentary chronicle of the life of director Quentin Tarantino QT8: The First Eight.

The cinema invites the smallest moviegoers to the first two adventures on the big screen this season: on September 5 for the animated film Trolls and September 6 for the family film The Secret Garden. So that young moviegoers can feel comfortable in the halls of Splendid Palace and enjoy watching a movie in comfort, we are waiting for them in the cinema with their parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers and friends an hour before watching. During this time, everyone who comes has the opportunity to create their own world with the help of GIGI Block - to build their own game cinema, house, castle, city or something else.


Pre-sale of tickets for the screenings will begin on 25 August 2020 on the website


In parallel, this year the Splendid Palace cinema invites everyone interested in the LAMPA Communication Festival. You can find out about the topics of discussion and the opportunity to personally attend them here.


The Splendid Palace cinema returns to cinematic events and invites viewers to the first announced films.

You can also watch the biographical drama Tesla (USA), which chronicles the brutal struggle for innovative ideas that will change the future of humanity, and the romantic drama The Secret: Dare to Dream. There will also be regular screenings of the action-packed American-British film Tenet.

Other news
Culmination of Fellini’s Centenary at Splendid Palace - the Film “8 1/2”

The culmination of celebration of Federico Fellini’s centenary at the cinema Splendid Palace will take place on 17 December 2020 with a screening of the legend of cinema history, the film “8 1/2”.

European Art Cinema Day at “Splendid Palace” movie theatre

To celebrate the diversity of national European films, European Art Cinema Day will be celebrated worldwide on 8 November 2020. The „Splendid Palace” movie theatre will also show arthouse films on this day!


Spanning eleven days and featuring 129 films presented in ten thematic programs – the seventh Riga International Film Festival (RIGA IFF) will take place this year between 15 and 25 October. 


“Splendid Palace”, one of the most beautiful and oldest movie theatres in Europe, will continue to show excellent, high-quality films that have gained recognition from film lovers and professionals all over the world during the new 97th film season.


In 2020, due to the spread of Covid-19 infection, the festival "Baltic Pearl" will take place in the "Splendid Palace" movie theatre from October 7 to 11, instead of as usual in September.