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The Green hall

Area: 93 m2

Capacity: Stand banquet up to 100 guests, Seated banquets up to 50 guests

The green hall is situated on the second floor, right in front of the entrance to the balcony of the large hall. The hall is ideal for small-scale events, coffee breaks, banquet organising, photo shoots, press conferences and other types of events. The luxurious interior will be fitting for a wide variety of event ideas.

The hall is arranged according to the client's wishes and in line with the type of event.

Located in the very centre of Rīga, near hotels and restaurants

A convenient additional room for events taking place in the large hall and the gallery/vestibule

To be arranged according to the requirements and the concept of the event

Adjacent to the balcony of the large hall, allowing for convenient organisation of the flow of guests

Easy to serve wine or champagne before or after the film in the large hall

Opportunity to use the cinema's portable café – the Roll-Bar


For event planners